BJJ Bedford

My son has been taking classes at the dojo with Sensei and his amazing senpeis for 5 years. He recently said "I think I would be a different person if I hadn't gone to the dojo." Need I say more? His physical strength and abilities have increased, he understands the importance of discipline and commitment. He is also confident and comfortable speaking and presenting in front of groups. Sensei gives the children so much more than physical training! He is truly passionate about what he does.

Ann Ramone

BJJ Bedford

We really like Sensei's focus on educating the whole child. Their social and emotional development are as important as their physical and mental development. There is a family atmosphere and all are made to feel welcome.

Rich Anderson

BJJ Bedford

My son has been taking karate classes at Marti Martial Arts for seven months and I could not be happier with his development during that time. He is building self-confidence and learning how to be a better person, all while improving strength, focus, and coordination and mastering some amazing skills. The five principles of the Dojo are easy for young students to understand, yet very powerful and applicable to any person of any age. The program is well-rounded and the results are fantastic. More experienced students are given opportunities to help with the beginner classes and it is truly amazing to see these lessons come full circle. Sensei Marti is an amazing role model for his students (and their parents). He has an incredible amount of patience and is able to connect with every child that walks through the door, knowing that every child walks in for a different reason. He is able to show them, through his own actions, that having a positive attitude is a critical aspect in shaping experiences and dealing with challenges. The manager is extremely accommodating and attentive, going above and beyond to ensure unbeatable client service. Five stars and two thumbs up!!!

Alison G

BJJ Bedford

Sensei is an amazing teacher and role model. Both my boys love training at Marti Martial Arts Academy. We love the positive environment where the are taught to seek good character, show strong spirit, practice courtesy and to control their temper. They are learning that discipline now is freedom later. Thank you to Sensei and staff for giving our boys goals and confidence!! I earned a black belt years ago and I love the adult karate and kick box classes here. An amazing workout!!

Sandy Pete Korkatzis

BJJ Bedford

I've been a student at the academy for three years now and it's one of the best experiences I've ever had. The classes are fun yet push you to achieve your best, and the things I've learned (self defense, karate skills) will definitely transfer to real life. The teachers are some of the best people I've met - especially Sensei Marti - and always help you achieve your full potential. I really enjoy being a student at Marti Martial Arts.

Kate R

BJJ Bedford

My son Ryan started as a 9 year old who was not good at sports and would become frustrated with himself since he didn't "fit in" with the suburban kids who were all active in various sports. He lacked confidence in himself and it was difficult to find an activity where he could progress at his own pace and be able to build self-confidence over time. Sensei "got" Ryan from Day 1 and helped him gain that confidence he was lacking and continues to help Ryan mature and remain "grounded" not only with martial arts training but also with discipline and respect for others. MMAA has been a wonderful part of Ryan's life for almost two years and every week he looks forward to his sessions whereas when he tried soccer and basketball he often became frustrated and wouldn't want to continue. Ryan has found a place where he "fits in" and we are sincerely grateful to Sensei and the others who work so well not only with Ryan but all the other children who attend classes. I wish I could give 10 stars!

Bob Ondrovic

BJJ Bedford

We cannot say enough great things about Marti Martial Arts Academy. We brought our son there to see if they could help us with some behavior challenges we were having with him. Sensei Marti and his team were extraordinary. Between the guiding principles and the life lessons taught our son quickly excelled and learned a lot about self discipline! 5 plus years later we still love the Academy and the staff and we especially love how they care about the students and their family!!

Tonia D

BJJ Bedford

Marti Martial Arts Academy is the best around. Ranging from the facility to the instruction of classic karate, no one is better. Sensei Marti is one of the, if not the most moral and strong man I know and I couldn t even begin to think of a better person that I would want to teach me or a friend. At the highest of levels, the best of the dojo are at the top of the pack with technical skill, technique, and respect. The level of dedication by Sensei Marti and all others in the dojo is uncomparable to any school you will find. I recommend his school over any other for karate.

Aaron W

BJJ Bedford

This is the best place to get motivated and back in shape!!! Mary is the best personal trainer I have ever had and really knows what I need and how to keep me interested and working hard! I love going here and love everyone who is part of this great place!!

Neetu Venkatraman

BJJ Bedford

Can't say it enough, this place is great! I was completely tired of going to the gym each day and never stuck with it very long but these kickboxing sessions were exactly what I needed! Sensei and all of the other instructors are beyond phenomenal. This is the longest I have ever stuck with something and simply because the people here are great and the routines each day are challenging but so much fun!! HIGHLY recommend!

Stephanie Ordoñez

BJJ Bedford

I can't say enough good things about Marti's. This is the first organized class my son has taken and he is excelling at such a phenomenal rate. Not only has he become aware of his physical capabilities and improved his self confidence, he has also become more aware of important life lessons in building good character and showing courtesy and learning control.
Sensei is a very special person who is absolutely amazing with the kids. The energy in the room is so positive and fun, yet focused and and respectful. My son is truly at his best here. If you're considering martial arts, this is the place!!

Allison B

BJJ Bedford

I am really happy that I enrolled my daughter at Marti Martial Arts. She was very hesitant in the beginning and now she loves going to Karate. She goes into class now with spirit and smiles. Her Sensei is phenomenal with these kids. It is apparent that his own life experiences drive him to really want to help his students thrive. The support staff are also kind and encouraging. I am starting to see positive changes in Gillian's focus and confidence and she is really having fun. I look forward to seeing her test for yellow belt at the end of the month and watching her process continue.

Sean R

BJJ Bedford

Marti' Martial Arts Academy is...well essentially a perfect place for kids to study martial arts. In addition to being an astonishingly skilled martial artist, Sensei Marti is one of the most talented and skilled teachers I have ever come across. Watching him (as I have now for more than two years) teach every age range from young children through adults is a remarkable experience. He has a near magical ability to teach in and maintain an atmosphere of discipline and concentration without EVER losing the smile on his face. And while valuable and necessary, this is only side benefit. His greatest gift is his ability to teach karate simultaneously to a wide range of skill sets, natural physical abilities, and personalities.

The amount of physical progress (pure exercise, martial arts skills, physical disciline and coordination...) our son has made in the last several years is nothing short of remarkable, though this is a fairly universal experience for the kids in the dojo.

Just as remarkable for a 9 year-old is that he NEVER says that he doesn't want to go to the dojo. Almost three years in, attending three days a week and it never occurs to him that he might not want to go.

If you're looking for a dojo for your child, you'll be missing out on a truly unique and wonderful institution if you don't at least go and watch a class at Marti's Academy.

I guarantee you'll be astonished at the way Sensei Marti manages to get his students to concentrate and work as hard as he does, all the while with smiles on their faces throughout each class.

I truly cannot imagine a better dojo - frankly a better all around learning experience - for any kid!

Peter Grekin

BJJ Bedford

I joined through a groupon and loved it! I had my solo session that showed me all the moves correctly, then stayed for the class and came out very sore, sweaty, but feeling GREAT! It's like boot camp and kickboxing in one! I extended my sessions w a great deal the owner gave me. I highly recommend the kickboxing classes and you should try every teacher! Every time I have any of them, it's interesting how different they all are, but I get the same outcome- they kick my ass! I am obsessed!!!!

Robyn Miller D'Aquila

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