First, Work to build your children’s self-esteem

From the first day they are born, encourage, compliment, and affirm your child.  Believe in them and confirm their positive nature.  Always express confidence in them and their potential.  Do not compare them to other children or other people, for how can they become their own person while trying to better someone else.  The way people feel about themselves is largely a function of how they are seen and treated by others, particularly their parents.


Second, encourage primary greatness

There are two kinds of greatness.  The greatness that is acknowledged and encouraged by others, friends, teachers, and parents is only secondary greatness.  Primary greatness comes from knowing what is right and sticking to it, no matter who says you’re wrong.  The hardest thing for a parent to do is reward their child for sticking to what the child feels is right even though you, the parent, think they are making a mistake.  Every day we see the world reward individuals for compromising their moral code by increasing their secondary greatness.  You cannot learn morals or responsibility from compromise.  Primary greatness teaches moral judgment, self-confidence, and responsibility for one’s own actions.


Third, encourage them to develop their own interests

When you detect talent in your children, encourage them to develop it, especially if it is a talent you do not posses.


Fourth, try to create an enjoyable family culture

Appreciate the uniqueness of your family. Create an atmosphere of fun, support, love, and satisfaction within the family.  The rewards and unity created will far outweigh that from the school or from their peers or from any other outside influence.  Try to have regular time, at least once a month, for each child to do something that is special to that child.  Try to create many positive and encouraging events like birthday celebrations, or create unique personal holidays celebrated by your family alone.  Always emphasize that you are a family and a family always supports each other.


Fifth, teach them to visualize, to help them realize their own potential

Visualization is based on the principle that things are created twice:  First mentally and then physically.


Sixth, adopt their friends

Individual champions are often part of championship teams.  That’s why you should invest in the teams and clubs, schools and classes to which your children belong.  When family, friends, and church are all aligned, they make a powerful training system.  Anytime something gets out of alignment – when there’s a problem between you and a friend of your child for example, just adopt your child’s friend as your own.  It’s far better than trying to get your child to see their friend through your eyes.  You will teach your child to see through more critical eyes, only to have those eyes looking back at you.


Seventh, teach them to have faith, to believe and trust in others,

Empathy is the key to influence.  You’ve got to be very sensitive to the feelings and perceptions of others. If you are going to build champions, you’ve got to take an interest in people, especially the downcast and outcast.  Teach them that they are blessed with many gifts that are possessed by no one else, but that no gift is given to be hoarded.  Your gifts are to be shared. 


Eighth, provide support, resources and feedback

Give honest feedback to your child based on results (Feedback is the breakfast of champions), and then show your child the different ways you can help.  Be generous with your advice, but let your child choose the help they need.  Don’t tell your child what they have to do.  Show your child as many options as you can, and respect them enough to know that they will make the right choice.  Give your children all of your gifts; they will return them sevenfold.

Life is too short to be unhappy…

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Treasure every moment that you have! And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special…special enough to have your time…and remember time waits for no one…

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